City Block Builder: DEVLOG 7

Jul 25, 2022

What Do We 3D Artists Do?

Working on City Block Builder, the main difficulty we faced was matching each other's style and working as a unit. Each artist in the team had their own style. However, trying to match each other's styles helped us learn, grow and improve. 

While constructing the props we had to think as if we were in the player's mind. We had to construct the props according to the money the players spent. More money equals more detail in the props and vice versa.

We worked closely with our dev team in order to optimize the game. We have made LODs (level of detail, which is the process of making less detailed versions of your models that are swapped-in when the object is further away from the camera) for all the elements in the game. This lowers the strain on the computer allowing it to render more objects while maintaining a high frame rate. Even though City Block Builder is a tycoon game where we render hundreds of objects at once, LODs will always help it perform seamlessly, making it run smoother on lower-end hardware.

When it comes to our characters that we’ve created in CBB we have designed them so that when they are rendered in game, it always runs butter smooth. Keeping a stable frame rate no matter what is happening is very important to a tycoon game like this, and we've achieved a consistently stable and high frame rate thanks to the tireless work of the devs who made everything in the game render at a high level of visual fidelity whilst never dropping frames. The game renders thousands of objects and characters in real time. To achieve the best framerate we had to limit the number of TRI’s (triangles) for each object, while at the same time looking great in game. We wanted to ensure the game was accessible to all types of computers, rather than making gamers spend on mega-expensive PCs (looking at you, GPU prices).

There are some iconic buildings and views that the players can enjoy as well. 

Games are Fun! But what is more fun than creating the game for others to entertain?

Thank you for your time!

Riyaz Husain, Manali D.

Senior 3D Artist