City Block Builder: DEVLOG 6

Mar 15, 2022

UI Overhaul


We’ve got an update for you, and it’s one that we’re excited for you to see.

If there’s one thing that can make or break a tycoon game, it’s the UI. Clunky or confusing interfaces can make it hard for players to find the fun behind the mess. That’s why we’re making sure our UI is comprehensive, intuitive, and clear.

The research tree above is an excellent example of this intuitive interface design. It’s easy to tell which tech tree you’re in, which technologies are researched, what’s available to be researched, and what’s locked. With this type of design, you’ll spend less time wrestling with the interface, meaning you can spend more time on what’s essential: attracting guests and making money.

In City Block Builder, there’s a wealth of systems and mechanics behind each button, so we need to give players relevant information without cluttering the screen with all of that information at once. This is why we’re developing a robust tooltip system to support the entire interface. You might have come across tooltips as those little boxes of text that come up when you hold your mouse over basically anything (in Windows, other games, etc.). That’s right, we’ve got those!

This is just a tiny sliver of the features we’ve been adding to the game, and there will be a lot more coming soon. Stay tuned for future updates! 

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