City Block Builder: DEVLOG 5

Jan 12, 2022

We are on our 4th Dev Byte now! And this one is gonna be a cryptic one. So make sure you sharpen your detective skills for this as this is gonna be a tight-lipped affair. The topic for today’s Dev Byte is Businesses!

In City Block Builder, you are offered a plethora of options to set up shop in many different business categories. You have 2 paths that you can follow. You can start off slow with the Campaign (Story) Mode and take on one business at a time as the game progresses. But if you are a connoisseur of tycoon games, you may want to jump directly into the Sandbox Mode and start dazzling into all businesses at once. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a business empire consisting of more than half a dozen businesses running at the same time.

The story mode will enable players to start their journey by building a cinema first. Ample research and some story progress will help you move on to the next business, which depending on your research tree path, can be a restaurant, a drive-thru or something entirely different. In CBB, you are in complete control of your business plan as well as the strategy you intend to implement. The story offers a non-linear progression and, barring a few story driven choices, is entirely decided by you.

Each business has its own research tree and a set of items that can be used exclusively only for that enterprise. The common items are universal and can be used everywhere. There are common zones as well, which you can place inside each business complex. A feature of CBB that is unique in the tycoon games genre is the ability to create a chain of your business, i.e. a franchise. Not only that, you can even host multiple businesses in the same plot of land (as we mentioned in an earlier Dev Byte).

As for the list of businesses you can run, we wouldn’t want to play foul and reveal everything without even giving a spoiler alert. So, Spoiler Alert! Nah, just kidding. Although, we do plan on leaving one riddle per blog from now on to reveal our businesses and maybe you can guess the businesses that you’ll get to run, ruin, or just about everything else.

So for today, we’ll keep things simple and reveal the first 2 confirmed businesses in City Block Builder:

  1. Something different to show every week, still the same place. If you're eating, it's probably butter that you taste.

  2. A little bit of everything to offer, and the entire world to visit on a single date. But try to visit all at once, and you might end up with a lot on your plate.

There you go, good luck and let us know if you cracked the code. And keep your wits about you to crack the riddles next time as well!